Stewardship 1

Time, Talent and Treasure

Time is the universal gift. Everyone gets the same amount every day. We cannot add to it. We can’t slow it down, but we can choose how we use it.  The list of talents is endless as is their use in the service of God. Stewardship calls us to identify our special gifts, accept them gratefully, without pride or false humility, and use them well, as God prompts us.  Jesus knows how easy it is to be trapped by possessions. He warned us: “You cannot serve God and money...Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also". Become involved in the parish by offering your time, talent and treasure toward furthering the Kingdom of God.  Our ministries can be expanded, our prayer lives enriched and our efforts toward justice and peace in our community and our world be enlarged when we work together.
Feed the hungry...

We are commanded by Jesus to feed the hungry. Please remember those less fortunate and bring a can or box of nonperishable food with you when you come to mass each week.  Each month we will highlight a particular food item, but any and all donations are always welcome.  Food donated by parishioners will be taken to the Tarboro Community Outreach each week.  Thank you.

Comida por los pobres: Está una caja grande a lado del piano para dar comida a los pobres.  La tomó a Tarboro Community Outreach antes de Navidad porque estaba llena. Con esta comida los que no tenían comida pueden cenar. Queremos continuar colectar comida para los indigentes. Pon en caja sus botes, paquetes de alimentos secos, o bolsa de comida. Gracias.

Religious Education Program

September 18th classes begin at 10:15 AM in the Church.  Classes will end at 11:45 AM.  We offer parents classes in the church so they can help their children at home.  All students must register prior to taking classes and the last day to register is September 18th.  At the time of registration a $25 fee must be paid.  There are scholarships for children from families who cannot pay the fees.  But scholarships are given by the Administrator.  September 30th is the last day for scholarships.  There is a booklet of "Policies, Procedures and Guidelines" for classes that parents should read so they are aware of the expectations for students.

El 18° de septiembre empezarán las clases a las 10:15 por la mañana y terminarán a las 11.45 AM.  Durante las clases los padres pueden tomar clases para ayudar a los niños y adolescentes en casa.  Todos estudiantes deben de registar antes de tomar clases y el último día de registro es 18° de septiembre.  El gasto de matricúla es $25 que tiene que acompañar el registro.  También hay becas por niños y adolescentes que no pueden hacer el gasto.  Pero becas son dadas por el Administrador y 30° de septiembre es el último día para recibirla.  Hay folleto titulado "Normas, Procedimientos y Pautas" por las clases de doctrina que los padres deben leer para que están conscientes de las expectaciónes de los estudiantes.